Nourished takes you from the worry, guilt and stress that you experience about food, especially after eating towards a truly relaxed and nourishing experience that helps you to feel in control of how you eat.

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enLITEened is a four month journey, where over six important steps, I lead you away from your current understanding about food, yourself, your beliefs about weight loss and the dieting strategies to easier and sustainable weight loss.

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An Interview with Carol Seaborne

How did you get to be a weight loss & psychology of eating expert? It started when my life had hit an all time low in my 40s. My own weight had ballooned, I was the heaviest I’d ever been, I had been diagnosed with an under active thyroid

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Welcome to enLITEned Weight Loss!

If you found yourself thinking ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you’re not alone.  These thoughts and feelings are very common amongst the women I work with who want to lose weight!

Over the years, both working with women like you and as a result of my own weight loss journey, I have come to realise that there are common factors that contribute towards not being able to maintain weight loss by dieting alone.

Often excess weight is seen and treated as the problem rather than the symptom of more complex issues including:

  • Confusion around dietary information
  • The relationship between life stresses, eating behaviours and weight gain
  • Low self confidence & self esteem
  • Pressure from the media and society at large

enLITEned encapsulates the steps needed to improve your vision of self, how to create new eating behaviours, manage stress levels, better movement and a shift of focus away from weight loss towards a more nourishing life!

Who I work with

I work with women who don’t know what else to try to lose weight. They have a sense of self responsibility and ownership of wanting to look after themselves to be the best version of them that they can be but recognise that they don’t have the understanding, knowledge and strategies of how to do it and that they need extra support to keep them accountable (preferably from someone who has been on a similar journey)!

Why Me?

I believe there is a huge benefit from working with someone who has experienced the same emotions and struggles with food and body image. Someone who has ridden the dieting roller coaster, got off and stayed off!

As well as being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am an Eating Psychology Coach and am qualified in NLP. I am able to offer not only psychological support but nutritional advice & eating strategies too.

I now choose to work in this field solely, giving you the extra value of working with a weight loss specialist.

How do I work?

My approach is to equip you with:

  • UNDERSTANDING as to ‘why’ you are where you are
  • KNOWLEDGE of ‘what’ you need to do to change your results
  • STRATEGIES of ‘how’ to make those changes.

You just need to be more than willing to come along and put in the practice!

I can help you to improve your understanding of how, what & when to eat so that you begin to manage your appetite, which results with you feeling more in control.

I can help you to gain better insight into how to manage your life and stress so that you are able to reduce their impact on your waistline and on your food choices.

And, I can help you to create a more nourishing approach to life where weight loss isn’t your only focus so that you can stop thinking about food all of the time.

To find out more about enLITEned Weight Loss click here or contact me here!

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